Wakeboarding originated as a variation of waterskiing, using a single board ridden sideways (similar to a snowboard) instead of two skis. There are two main types of wakeboarding today, boat and cable. Boat wakeboarding involves a rider being towed behind a boat and using the wake of the boat to perform jumps and tricks. Cable wakeboarding involves a ridder being towed by a handle where the rope is attached to a cable suspended in the air. Straight-line cables have one rider at a time who goes in a straight line up and down, whereas other cables have 4 or 5 cables and can have several riders going round at any one time.

Wakeboarding In Central London

WakeUp Docklands, London

Above: WakeUp Docklands

In Royal Victoria Dock there’s an company called WakeUp Docklands¬†who have two System 2.0 straight-line cables. The Gold Cable has obstacles along it’s 180m length and is for the more experienced wakeboarder. The Blue cable is free from obstacles and is more suited to wakeboarders with less experience. WakeUp docklands rent out all the kit you require and have experienced coaches to help you learn if you’re new to the sport.

Wakeboarding Near London

There are several companies around the outskirts of London that offer wakeboarding, check out the map below for more info on locations.